Rëzo Detangle & Curl Brush Pack

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  • Rezo detangle and curl brush pack
  • Rëzo Detangle & Curl Brush Pack
  • Nubia Suarez favorite curly hair detangler in rose gold color
  • Rëzo Detangle & Curl Brush Pack
  • Rëzo Detangle & Curl Brush Pack

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Introducing the curated collection of curl-specialist Nubia Suarez's favorite KareCo® detanglers to create the BEST curls and care for hair of all textures - from waves to coils - in the salon and at home, per the Rëzo curly hair styling method! 

Each Rëzo Detangle & Curl Brush Pack includes:

  • Tangle Buster® Brush in Cashmere - featuring a single mold, high-flex curved paddle for gentle detangling at the sink, in the chair, shower, or other wet stages of hair, as well as during the styling stage with product to enhance curl formation.
  • Tangle Buster® Styler - featuring dual boar and nylon bristles for more sensitive scalps, thinner hair types, and detangling more matted knots while hair is dry or damp.
  • Detangling Comb - featuring a curvy rake design and KareCo's signature round grip handle that are great for detangling stages as well as distributing special hair product treatments through the length of hair, i.e. deep conditioners, toners, etc.

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